Be A Badass Through Influence, Not Authority

I just finished reading Donald Desantis’ article, “Everything I Need to Know About Startups, I Learned from a Crime Boss.” If you haven’t read it, you need to read it.  It’s flat out awesome.  Of all the great advice that Don passes on...

Legal Nuts n’ Bolts for Entrepreneurs and Startups

If you are thinking about starting up or are an early stage startup, you have to conserve every penny.  It’s not just about bootstrapping anymore.  It’s about making your very limited dollars go farther.  You also have to use your time wisely and milk useful...

The First Mover Advantage Myth

Have you ever had an idea that you thought was different or unique only to later find out that someone has already done it? Well, take heart. Being first does not equate to being successful. In this article I discuss some of these failed first movers, as well as the legal barriers first mover erect to try and exclude competitors.

Monthly Office Hours

I am now holding free and private office hours twice a month. The office hours are intended for treps and early stage startups with tech and law related questions. Sign up at

Signal, Noise and Priorities

We are bombarded daily by all kinds of information – TV and radio ads, blog feeds, twitter updates, and facebook posts. But is it useful, i.e. is it signal or is it just noise? In this article I discuss what I think is signal and what is noise, how I make the distinction, and what it means to my clients and prospective clients.