Outside the box lawyering.

Legal services are about the client, not the lawyer. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and committed to helping others. We launched our firm to bring these two fundamental principles together, while redefining how legal services are provided to startups.

Nothing But Startups

We believe in focus and in leveling the playing field for all the entrepreneurs and startups out there looking to change the world by providing honest, responsive, and accessible legal services to emerging growth technology companies. We believe it’s a privilege to do the work we do.


Our integrity and our loyalty to our clients are not for sale. We are always straight with our clients, whether it’s about money or delivering bad news. We help our clients create budgets so they know what services they will need ahead of time and how much they will cost.

Comprehensive Advice

We take a soup-to-nuts approach when working with our clients, from reviewing business models to customer development and brand strategy. We spend a lot of “off the clock” time with our clients in planning and coaching sessions, as well as board and strategic meetings.

Find out what makes us different.

We like getting involved early and helping entrepreneurs and founders structure their startups correctly. Drop us a line and let’s discuss how we can help you launch your startup.