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Failing to properly form and organize your startup will limit your growth options from the outset. Raising capital effectively, attracting additional founders and employees, and protecting your intellectual property all require the optimal formation and organization of your company. That’s where our new company formation service comes in.
We will help you structure your entity, decide on appropriate founder equity splits, as well as provide you with guidance on compliance with federal, state, and local laws – all for a fixed fee. Because we have helped create hundreds of companies, you can be confident that we will deliver swift and sound advice with an eye toward long-term growth and near-term practicality.

Sample Services

  • Company charter (certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation, articles of formation, and bylaws)
  • Stock purchase agreements, operating agreements, and/or founder agreements
  • Registration with federal, state and local agencies
  • Intellectual property assignment agreements
  • Form consulting services agreements and statements of work
  • Non-disclosure agreements

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