Formalizing Relationships with Co-Founders

How to formalize a relationship with a co-founder is a popular topic of discussion. When is the right time? Should you do it at all? What’s involved if you do decide to move forward? In this post, we go over when the right time to formalize a relationship is, why it’s a good idea, and how to do it so you get off to the best possible start for your startup.

When to Formalize An Idea Into a Company

When is the right time to form a company around the idea you have been tossing around? There has always been a healthy debate on when the right time is to quit your job, but not much about when to form a new company. In this article, I discuss the two most important elements in helping you decide the right time.

How to Avoid Costly Founders Stock Mistakes

You have decided to brave the startup waters and form your own business.  You decide that a corporation is the way to go so you file your articles of incorporation with your particular Secretary of State. The articles can be a form you complete online that is provided...

5 Easy Steps to Develop A Community

Many entrepreneurs launch new businesses and struggle to engage with advisors and customers.  Many don’t think to do it at all but instead choose to focus on product development.  Building these advisor, investor and customer communities seems like a daunting task and...