Corporation or LLC?

No matter how many times this issue has been discussed, this topic is one of the most frequently asked about. In this post, we discuss why this topic keeps coming up with every new crop of entrepreneurs and some questions to consider in making your decision about where to form and what entity to select.

How to Avoid Mistakes in Forming Your Startup

Thanks to the internet, forming a new company is now quick and easy. Perhaps too easy. As a result, many fail to fully form their new venture resulting in costly clean up down the line. In this article we discuss the key steps in building a solid legal foundation for your new company and the costly mistakes to avoid.

The Basics of Non-Disclosure Agreements

The acronym “NDA” is commonplace in most technology circles. Many entrepreneurs use them but often times with out knowing why. In this post we review the basics of non-disclosure agreements — what they are, what they’re for, why they are important and the different types.

How to Define and Track Traction

Traction, traction, traction. Are you tired of hearing that term but not getting a straight answer about what it really means? Well, you came to the right place! In this article we discuss “traction,” what it is, what it means, how to use it and why it’s important.

What’s in Your Startup’s Name?

When the spark strikes and you get that brilliant new product or service idea, you start thinking about how it will work, what will it look like and who will pay to use it. That’s where branding comes in. In this article we discuss the importance of branding the selection of a company name.