Securities and Financing

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You only get one bite at the apple, so it’s important to work with counsel that is 100% in your corner and will make sure to avoid conflicts of interest for you down the road. We will actively engage with you to ensure that you are prepared to raise outside capital, whether with angels, institutional VCs, or corporate funds.
This means we will spend time with you critically evaluating your team, your business model, and your product. We also help you design employee stock plans, negotiate private stock offerings, and structure debt financings that comply with state and federal securities registration requirements to help you onboard strategic capital.

Sample Services

  • Stock purchase agreements for Series Seed, Series A and Series B financings
  • Term sheets for convertible promissory note, Series Seed, Series A, and Series B financings
  • Convertible promissory note purchase agreements
  • Investor rights agreements and side letters
  • Equity incentive plans and agreements
  • Founder equity planning and vesting schedules

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